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Lifeline is the Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) program to help make communications services more affordable for low-income consumers. Lifeline provides subscribers with a discount on qualifying monthly phone, Internet, or bundled phone and Internet services purchased from providers participating in the Lifeline program. As an eligible telecommunications carrier (ETC), Standing Rock Telecommunications, Inc. (Standing Rock) is a participating provider in the Lifeline program.

Customers receiving lifeline will be receiving a total credit of $34.25 on their monthly service bill

For more information about Lifeline, please review these requirements:

How Do You Qualify - Customer Eligibility

To apply for Lifeline online through the National Verifier, please access here:
Lifeline National Verifier - APPLY HERE

If you want to apply for Lifeline by paper application, please print and complete these forms:
Paper application Lifeline Household Worksheet

Mail completed forms to:
Lifeline Support Center
P.O. Box 7081
London, KY 40742