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Job Title: Wireless Communications Technician/Engineering Associate (click here to download this page in pdf)
Salary: Depends on Experience

Location: Fort Yates, ND

Position Duties:

Build and maintain the infrastructure supporting wireless communication systems. Wireless communication systems encompassing broadband WiMAX systems, HSPA+/LTE systems, microwave backhaul systems, VoIP business systems, installation and maintenance of fiber connections, two-way radios, cellular phones, beepers, wireless Internet (WiFi) access, hand-held computers, vehicle location equipment, marine radios, satellite systems and related equipment, and other personal communications devices. Technicians are needed to maintain the complex networks relaying wireless signals as well as to maintain and repair personal communications devices themselves.

Wireless communications technicians must be familiar with electronics, high speed broadband technologies, digital radio technology, and cellular systems. Use of measuring and diagnostic tools to test, adjust and repair electronic equipment is required.
Technicians must be able to create work orders that describe equipment failures and they must be able to talk to equipment operators to determine what problems exist with the equipment. If the equipment has serious problems, technicians must be able to use schematic drawings and other written specifications to locate and repair problems.

Technicians visit sites where wireless communications reside-either work sites where personal communication devices are used or relay sites maintained by the wireless network itself. Technicians also do regular maintenance work on personal communication devices used by corporate clients as well as periodic work to maintain the wireless networks. Will also work at repair facilities, in stores, or in service centers, where they repair wireless communication devices. Also will deal with consumers advising them when it make more sense to replace rather than repair a wireless communication device.

Educational and Experience Requirement

Standing Rock Telecom prefers college graduates with formal training in electronics and wireless communications technology. Formal training usually involves courses in mathematics, circuit theory, digital systems, electronics, microwave technology, and computer science. Adequate training also involves hands-on experience in which students perform diagnostic work and maintenance on the equipment. Applicants will be considered on overall competency and competitive nature.

Technician plans, designs, reviews and directs timely, accurate and cost efficient engineering services both in the office and in the field.

Responsibilities include business development, client management, planning, design, construction, and maintenance in the area of telecommunications with support to wireless operations and construction.

This individual may also direct, coordinate and supervise staff.

• Provide services for engineering projects, specifically telecommunications and wireless, to include design, plans, reports, maps, environmental impacts, project budgets, scope of work, permits, contracts, schedules, estimates, surveying data collection, construction observation, field investigation and coordination of sub consultants and contractors.
• Provide Engineering services with accuracy, on time and under budget.
• Project management, client management and project engineering on designated projects.
• This is as Leadership position with a supervisory role which includes MAPS, evaluations, staff performance and behavior, and team building efforts.
• Provide quality control and quality assurance on all project work.
• Supervises and monitors client relationship strategies.
• Client contact and communication. Utilize effective communication skills to answer inquiries from co-workers, clients, or the public.
• Provide all engineering services in a legal and ethical manner.
• Perform all responsibilities with attention to detail and deadlines.
• Must project a professional, positive attitude and exercise confidentiality.
• Work effectively both independently and as team member.
• Valid driver's license required as travel is required.

Send a completed resume to: Fred McLaughlin, General Manager @
mail a completed resume to:
Standing Rock Telecom
PO Box 411
Fort Yates, ND

STANDING ROCK TELECOM, along with its technology division, ROCK WIRELESS are owned by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

Minimum Age:
Hiring Requirements:
Education Level: 2 Years of College or a Technical or Vocational School
Requires a Driver's License: Yes, Operator License
Minimum Salary: 0.00 Other
Maximum Salary: 0.00 Other
Pay Comments: DOE (Depends on Experience)
Benefits: Medical, Dental, Life Insurance, Vision, Vacation, Sick Leave, 401K, Other

General employment application:

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